It is simple to book to a trip. First choose the right tour for you, then send us an email at containing which trip you would like to go on and how many travellers will join you. The tour coordinator for your specific tour will send you all the necessary documents and guide you through the rest of the process. Please note, your spot will only be secured once you paid the deposit.

Every tour we offer is different. We aim to show our customers a wide variety of monuments, markets, natural sights and cultural events. Ask your tour co-ordinator for a full itinerary.

We aim to provide enough free-time for our customers, to allow them to explore whatever they would like, at their own pace.

You can download our terms and conditions here.

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No, the deposit will secure your booking. The amount due needs to be paid no less than 3 months before the departure date of your tour.

The deposit is R5 000 per traveler.

Ask your tour co-ordinator for the payment details, or email with you query.


To enter other countries, every traveler will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after arriving back in South Africa. Depending on where you go and where you’re from, you may need a visa to enter certain countries. Check with your tour coordinator or email with any queries you might have.

Visas are essential to enter certain countries. Depending on your nationality and the destinations in your tour, you might need a visa to enter the specific countries. Please note, without a valid visa, you will not be allowed to enter certain countries.We will provide all the necessary information you will need to obtain a visas well as answers any questions you might have regarding the visa application process. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid visa at the time of your departure.

Your tour co-ordinator will inform you when it is necessary to start your visa application, usually no more than 3 months before the trip. Remember that there is normally a fee charged when you apply for a visa, and that the visas can take up to 6 weeks.

Health & Insurance

It is advisable to get certain vaccinations when you head to places like South America and Asia. Ask your doctor or email with any queries you might have.

If you suffer from any medical condition that requires you to take medicine, please make sure you bring enough of that medication with you on your travels. Also, please notify your tour co-ordinator of any important medical conditions you have at the time of the booking.

Please also tell us of any physical disabilities you have before you book your trip. Many of our trips involve walking, climbing stairs and/or other physical activities. Although certain attractions might have wheelchair accessibility, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to join the rest of the tour members on every activity.

If you have to take medication for any medical condition or other reason, please make sure you bring enough of that medication with you on your travels. Please remember any other medication you might need, like antihistamines or antibiotics, as well as other precautionary tablets for nausea, headaches, etc. as well as first aid kits, mosquito sprays, sunscreens, etc. Make sure you pack these in a safe place that is easily accessible, like your hand luggage.

It is not impossible for you to get sick on a tour in a different country. Depending on the severity, your tour co-ordinator will help you find the medical assistance you need. Please remember to take out travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for any medical costs that you may incur while on the tour.

It is essential for travellers to take out travel insurance. We advise you to get travel insurance that covers cancellation, personal injury and medical expenses as well as loss of personal property. It is your responsibility to take out travel insurance.

Yes, ask your tour co-ordinator or email for any queries.

There are many companies that sell travel insurance. You can easily Google it, ask your tour co-ordinator or find out from your own insurance broker.

Packing & Luggage

The amount of luggage you can bring depends on the airline we use as well as the destination. Ask your tour coordinator for the information specific to your tour, or email for general queries.

You should travel in comfortable clothing that is not too restricting. Some trips include physical activities like walking, so we advise you to bring a pair of comfortable, walked-in shoes. No-one wants to deal with sore feet or blisters while trying to relax. It is also advisable to always have a hat, sunglasses and a jacket with you, as the weather can be tricky.

Sometimes it is important to cover yourself up while visiting churches, temples and other places of respect. If you do not feel like wearing clothing with full coverage, a scarf or sarong is a good way to cover yourself temporarily.

What you pack will differ from tour to tour and will also depend on the time of the year. If you travel to a tropical destination you will definitely need to remember sunscreen, hats and SWIMWEAR. But if you travel to a colder place, remember scarves, sweaters and warm shoes. It is always a good idea to have a warm jacket, because temperatures can get chilly, even in the summer.

We can provide a comprehensive list of packing essentials specific to your tour, just email your tour co-ordinator or