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Bali is one of the most popular island destinations in the world. The stunning natural backdrops and exotic temples and palaces are beautiful to behold. Bali is known for its warm culture and bustling nightlife that offers exhilarating party spots and restaurants to suit everyone’s taste. The streets are lined with designer boutiques and exciting food stalls with cultural delicacies for you to try. Inland you can find untouched jungles and towering volcanoes offering beautiful sunsets and plenty to see. The island also has amazing views of rice paddies, valleys and rivers. Along the coast, pristine beaches are perfect for relaxing or learning to surf. You will fall in love the moment your toes sink into the sand and you won’t be able to stay away for long. Off the coast, there are calm bays and jaw-dropping diving spots waiting for your attention. All in all, Bali is the perfect combination of relaxation and exploration.

Tours to Bali


Per Person Sharing


Date: 17 – 27 June 2020

Price: R27 177  (Per Person Sharing)


Per Person Sharing

BALI 2019

Date: 4 – 14 December 2019

Price: R25 200 (Per Person Sharing)